What’s Left?


“Care for the flock of God entrusted to you.” 1 Peter 5:2 (NLT)

After a Full Surrender, What’s Left? How does the Holy Spirit factor in? He’s in the Love. He’s the capital “L” on our chart (Periodic Table of Elements)! Not whether or not God loves us, because He does. That is fact. No theory there. That is clear. He created us and He loves us--but what does our love for Him look like, and how does that involve His Holy Spirit?

Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love me?” Peter started to get upset as he answered Jesus three times, “Yes, Lord,” Peter replied, “you know I love you.” Do you know what? Jesus already knew how much Peter loved Him. The question really wasn’t answered at all by Peter as they sat and ate fish together by the Sea of Galilee on that day, because Jesus wasn’t asking Peter what Jesus already knew about Peter’s love--Jesus was asking Peter what Peter knew about that love--about himself and understanding His love for His Savior, His Friend… What Peter needed to come to was a realization about how much he loved Jesus! That is what plays out as we read on about Peter’s walk with His Lord in Scripture!

Jesus not only asked Peter if he loved Him on that day, if we look back, Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him “more than these?” (John 21:15 NLT) There they sat, eating fish with those that walked closely with Jesus during His three years of healing the sick and raising the dead, those that truly knew Jesus as a Friend, and even among those followers, those Apostles, Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him more than even these…what’s Jesus getting at here with Peter? Peter was the one who needed to know the depth of his love for the Lord…and, to not just be satisfied where he was at with that because his love for Jesus seemed in line with those around him.

The reason Jesus wanted Peter to realize how much Peter loved Jesus, was because Jesus knows that when people have that realization, they’re never the same again! He wanted to bring it to Peter’s attention because Jesus knew when that realization came to Peter, it would be a spiritual awakening in Peter’s life, as it will be in ours. That’s something to talk about, to pass around, to enjoy, not something to be isolated in! We aren’t talking about the Love, and the power of the Holy Spirit that comes through that Love, most times! A great time of fellowship is when the Holy Spirit is not only the center of our lives, but of our conversations as well. That’s a time of tending to the flock and of loving each other--a time of great encouragement that we all need.

Jesus wants so much more for us in this life, than we are willing to give Him of ourselves. When all is said and done, we have to ask ourselves, What’s Left?…or as Jesus asked it, “Do you love me?” What are we still holding onto in our lives that keeps us from finding the true life Jesus wants us all to have? What’s Left could be the very thing that keeps us from answering, “I know I love You Lord. I know that You are my everything. I have no doubt that You alone have and will continue to rescue me!”

Peter found true life when he found out he truly loved Jesus! We can too!