The Puzzle

For the Kingdom of God is not just fancy talk;
it is living by God’s power. Which do you choose?
1 Corinthians 4:20-21 (NLT)

Is life like a puzzle? Do the puzzles of our lives get more complicated as the years go on? Do we start out as infants with perhaps ten pieces in our puzzle, easily putting the pieces together as we match the shapes and the colors to fit in beside other shapes and colors? How about when we’re fifty—and our puzzle contains perhaps 500,000 pieces? Where do we even begin to make sense of it? And what do we do with our life’s puzzle when there is a piece missing? Just a single piece? Do we search for it until we find it or do we just throw away what is left of our lives by trying to survive each day with a hole inside of us--one that will never be filled because nothing fits into that empty place quite the way it is supposed to?

Do we spend our lives looking through "other boxes" for the missing pieces of our lives? Do we even know what we are looking for most times? What does that missing piece look like? What shape is it? How important is it to our lives?

These are not easy questions to answer, or are they? When our lives are centered on Jesus Christ, His Living Water pours out and flows onto all the other places in our lives. The missing piece we are all searching for, even if we haven’t realized it yet, is the Living Water of Jesus Christ that fills all the empty places inside. It is this piece of God, this peace of God through His Living Water, that nourishes our soul as nothing else can.

When we fully realize the piece/peace that is missing in our lives, when we have taken the time to search for it and desire it, our life’s puzzle will be completed by God. He will place His Holy Spirit inside of us for the first time, or perhaps fan into flame the Spirit that is already living within us, and we will be truly satisfied. We will have been reborn into God’s family, or simply welcomed back home after wandering off for a while.

If we are designed by God to be powered by Him, to be filled with His Spirit and we are trying to function in this life without His indwelling Spirit, how does that work? Not very well. Our “battery compartment” will be empty, and we will go searching for whatever we think will fill it up. God will not force Himself upon us. He will not open up that empty place inside of all of us and drop Himself in there, ready to energize our spirits, unless we invite Him to. He will remain packaged up, in the drawer, on the shelf, outside our front door for however long it takes for us to realize that He is what is missing.

Even if our life’s puzzle has over a million pieces in it, it will never be complete without Jesus Christ. He is purity and truth. He will never leave us wanting and wishing for more when we sit at His feet and tell Him our heart’s desire. When His will and our will become one, all the pieces of our life’s puzzle fit…that’s true satisfaction, that’s true fulfillment, that’s the peace that we are all truly searching for.