The Question

"Is anything worth more than your soul?"
Mark 8:37 (NLT)

Can you feel that place deep inside of you that no one knows about but you...well, you and your Creator that is? Thatís your soul, and although we may not like to think about it, God knows us that deeply. Yes, He knows all of our deepest thoughts. All our deepest needs. Some may not even know their Creator, but He knows them, intimately. He knows everyone so well that He will know those who knew Him and also those who never knew Him. In return, some will and some will not be entering the Kingdom of Heaven on Judgment day. On that day, some may have gained the whole world, but lost their very soul. Mark 8:36 (NLT) Just how precious is a soul? What is its worth? What are we giving up for an eternity when we choose to be ashamed of the Good News of Jesus Christ today? Or even, what pieces of our soul do we give up daily when we are not focused on whatís most important in the Kingdom of God? The soul is the core of our is priceless, it is one-of-a kind...and yet we are so quick to dismiss it, to sell it for things that will perish.

Itís sad to say, but in too many battles in life the enemy is winning. Heís got us right where he wants us, and whatís really crazy is that most times we donít even realize whatís happening. Weíll accept what the enemy dishes out as "good enough," and miss the very best that God has waiting. Jesus says, " must put aside your selfish ambition, shoulder your cross and follow me." (Mark 8:34 NLT) To many, this sounds like we are giving up "the whole world," but in truth, this is exactly how we gain it! Jesus says this is how we will find "true life." Why are we selling out so quickly when in most every other area of life we will fight till the finish to get exactly what we want?

We donít struggle because the Bible is "outdated." We struggle because we live in a fallen world and the enemy is trying to blind us to all that Jesus can do in our lives. The enemy wants our whole soul or any piece of it he can get, and he will fight until the bitter end to get it...will we fight that hard to save it? Perhaps the enemy knows the worth of our soul even more than we do? The enemy can do many things to harm us while we are here, what he canít do is override our decision to follow Jesus Christ into Heaven! When we realize how precious our soul is, and that Jesus came to earth to save it by dying on the Cross, we can start to rest in the love and care that has been offered to us by our Father God. We are the soul God created, we are His children, and He longs for us to be part of His family. To "reside" with Him. To be nurtured by Him and cared for by Him.

Our true satisfaction comes when we realize God can meet our every need. When we start to experience the deep sense of satisfaction only He can give us in our lives. When we realize only He can nurture our soul as nothing else in this world can.

Our soul...itís worth fighting for. Itís worth time in the Word, time in Prayer, and time in getting to know our Savior. "Is anything worth more than your soul?" Take a look at what the enemy is doing in your own life to try and get yours! Then you decide...