Our Day of Hope


Our day of hope.a day of love
The day we all wait for
When promises will be fulfilled
And death will be no more

He came, He died, He rose again
He said we'd do the same
When once this life is finished
We'll be given a new name

And live where angels can be seen
Where tears are wiped away
Where loved ones are reunited
And sin has had its day

Oh Lord, our Lord, how precious
Are You above this earth
You suffered so, said not a word
So You would be the first

Of all God's children to conquer death
The grave now has no power
We'll live with You our Eternal King
They'll be no final hour

So come Lord Jesus, come back soon
We need You more each day
Come shine Your light into the darkness
It's in You we hope and pray.Amen

Have the most blessed of all Easters as we celebrate our Risen Lord!