The Path from Oregon through Wyoming
Idaho through Utah

Getting on the road early on October 2, 2003, we were treated to a beautiful sunrise! Itís good to have the camera handy when such a beautiful sight appears!
Along the way, we saw the sign for Golden Spike National Historic Site.
Sunrise on the Road
Heading down the side road to see where the last spike was driven connecting the Central Pacific from the West, and the Union Pacific from the East, we came across Thiokol. This is where they build rocket motors and the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters. One was even displayed out front!
Rocket Booster at Thiokol
I was quite surprised, to say the least, when we spotted the building where the rocket propellant was manufactured...there were emergency exits on all sides of the building with SLIDES for a quick exit!! Wow! I wonder if they get hazard pay?
A Thiokol building showing emergency slide exits
At the Golden Spike Site, we visited a nice little visitorís center and stood in the spot where the last spike was driven in, on May 10, 1869, connecting the railways. Of course the original gold and silver spikes were not there, having long been removed and put in museums. The original golden spike is at Stanford University. Leland Stanford was the first president of the Central Pacific Railroad, Californiaís Governor from 1864-1866, U.S. Senator in 1885 and in 1891 he founded Stanford University.
Railroad tracks were the golden spike was laid


Is this the Highway to Heaven?
Highway leading off to...
Stopping off in Cheyenne, the Stateís Capitol, we toured the Capitol Building and grounds, discovering this replica of the Liberty Bell found in Philadelphia.
Wyoming Capital Bulding