October - December, 2002

Time 12/31/2003 What are we doing with the time we've been given? Do we realize how precious it is?
The Phone Call 12/27/2003 Even if the news is bad, we need not fear...God is always in control.
A Tiny Seed 12/20/2002 We are all just a heartbeat away from seeing God. Have we allowed His seed to be planted in our hearts?
Birthday "Presence" 12/14/2002 Invite Jesus to His birthday celebration! He will make it more wonderful than you can imagine!
Keep Looking Up! 12/10//2002 Look up! Jesus is watching you from above!! Be aware!
You Are Invited! 11/30/2002 We've all been invited to Feast at the table with the King...how many of us will actually attend?
I Believe! 11/23/2002 Have you beaten down the path to God's door and arrived in the Most Holy Place? Your Father is waiting there for you!
Simply Amazing 11/16/2002 God does heal broken hearts. It's amazing to experience it!
A New Life 11/11/2002 There are no tears in Paradise...lessons learned in Cancun, and gifts to be found in the sand.
The Game of Life 10/28/2002 Where will we end up when our "World Series" is over? Heaven or Hell, winners or losers?
In Tune With God 10/23/2002 God knows our needs, our desires, our heartaches. He takes care of each and every one when we turn our attention to Him.
...Circle 'round The Moon 10/16/2002 When our loved-ones celebrate their first heavenly birthday, we can rejoice here on earth in the peace that only God provides.
The Road We're On 10/12/2002 No matter how deep and dark the pit appears, God can bring healing in our life.
'tis The Season 10/07/2002 Some seasons in our lives are more difficult than others, but God is always with us.