October - December, 2003

Best Friend 12/31/2003 Is God your Best Friend? Are you spending time with Him each day? That is what He longs for--an intimate relationship with you.
Made Right 12/13/2003 Only those dressed "appropriately" will be allowed to enter through the gates of Heaven. Do you have your "coat and tie?"
How Can I Say Thanks? 11/27/2003 There is so much to be thankful for each day of our lives.  Especially when celebrating Thanksgiving Day, we should remember all that God has done for us!
A Team 12/02/2003 Mary and Martha have different "jobs" to do, but both are equally important in the Kingdom of God.
Even Mary's Need To Rest 11/23/2003 Mary and Martha are different and yet not so different. They each need time resting at the feet of Jesus.
Dear Mom 11/19/2003 A letter from Heaven...it is not possible, but what if it was?
The Many Blessings 11/03/2003 God sent His Son to earth to help us! Are we accepting all the He came to give?
God Cried Too 10/26/2003 Is God involved in the intimate details of each day of our lives. When our hearts are crying, does rain fall from heaven? Sometimes, it seems it does...
Number Eighteen 10/15/2003 Focusing on God during difficult times is the best way through the dark valleys of life.
Letting Go... 10/05/2003 Sometimes we must let go of what we have, what is good, to gain what God would like us to have that is even greater!
The Harvest 10/05/2003 God waits for our replies in the disasters of our lives. Will we turn to Him for the help He offers, or will we not?
Perfect Conditions 10/05/2003 If we don't take a step of faith after seeking God's will because we're not 100 percent sure it is the right direction, we may miss the greatest blessings in our lives.
Where Do You Belong 10/05/2003 Do you know whether you will "belong" in heaven when your life is over? We need to know that answer before we leave this earth!