October - December, 2001

Possibilities 12/25/2001 We invited Jesus to fill the empty chair at our Christmas dinner table this year.
A Sweet Baby 12/20/2001 Another precious child has gone home.
Chemotherapy 12/18/2001 Phil went through Chemo treatment with hardly a complaint. I can go through grief treatment the same with God's help.
Sadness 12/14/2001 One month later and the sadness is so huge.
To Write Or Not To Write... 12/11/2001 Some will keep their distance. Draw near to those that are hurting, don't stay away.
A Good Day 12/07/2001 Taking things slowly through the grief. (Poem called 'Both Our Sons')
Is It Finished? 12/02/2001 After the Celebration Service of Phil's life, I'm not sure what to think...
Each Day 11/25/2001 Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. (Poem included)
Thanksgiving 11/22/2001 We will have Phil's favorite holiday without him--only with God's help will we get through such a day as this.
As The Day Draws To A Close 11/19/2001 At the graveside, just the four of us with our Pastor. God's peace surrounded us.
Good-bye 11/18/2001 Tomorrow we bury our son--God's provisions through the trials we are facing.
This Morning 11/16/2001 The final moments of Phil's life, the first moments of intense grief.
A Smile From Heaven... 11/15/2001 Sent this message out in the early morning hours...Phil is home at last...
Last Day 11/14/2001 Phil is waiting for the "soul train" that will soon arrive to take him home...
Verses 11/13/2001 Only God's Word brings Phil comfort now. Friends and family are asked to send their favorite verses to him, and they respond wonderfully! It is a blessing to Phil and to us!
Challenges 11/10/2001 Each day, each minute, becomes more precious...
Comfort 10/27/2001 A family day together--Phil is tired, but very happy and at peace.
Worsening 10/26/2001 The time is drawing near, decisions are made for comfort. God's peace reigns.
October 10/02/2001 Returned from Boston on 9-9-01, two days before Logan Airport was involved in the events of 9-11-01. (Poem about 9-11)