October - December, 2006

Lights Of Heaven 12/22/2006 God's stars light up every night sky, not just at Christmastime.
Five Years 12/13/2006 Today I write to let you know how Mighty God is!!
Why Pray? 12/02/2006 Why not pray? might be the better question, when there's so many gifts waiting there from our Father.
Why Give Thanks? 11/23/2006 When we enter into God's presence with thanksgiving, we'll find His comfort!
Total Destruction 11/12/2006 God's plans for us are usually very different than our own.
Driving Force 10/30/2006 Each day belongs to our Lord...will we give it to Him?
He Is Ageless 10/21/2006 Our view of time and God's view of time...so very different.
Routine 10/12/2006 What if God was suddenly gone from our daily lives?