October - December, 2004

The Gift of God 12/24/2005 Christmas poem.
Leave 12/15/2004 A turn in the road on this journey through life.
W.A.M. Disease 11/29/2004 Are we listening to God, or are we succumbing to W.A.M. Disease?
What Are We Missing? 11/20/2004 There is an answer to all of life's problems...it's found within!
Three Years Ago... 11/14/2004 Remembering our son.
Knowing God 11/04/2004 This is a "football." Don't play the "game of life" without it!
A Mother's Story 10/24/2004 Our oldest son, Jimm, marries Cami on Oct. 16, 2004.
God's Alignment 10/14/2004 Does something just not feel quite right? Can’t put your finger on it? Try spending some time with God and see what happens!
What Does One Do? 10/02/2004 Our real life is hidden with Christ in God. Let's find it!