Need A Rest?

"Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty."
Psalm 91:1 (NLT)

Does anyone need a rest? Is anyone tired out there? Is anyone looking for a place of refuge? Where is that Promised Land the Lord led His people to? Has it escaped us? Are we forever doomed to wander in the wilderness? I donít believe thatís what God wants for any of us! He wants so much more, otherwise, why would He put a Psalm like number 91 in His Word? Why would it even be necessary? If we think God is not concerned about our daily trials, maybe we should take a closer look at Psalm 91 and all that it contains. We may come away from prayerfully reading through it with a very different perspective on Godís care and concern for each day of our lives.

As we make our way through this life we see the reasons for many of our struggles, but what we canít see is how they eat away at our peace and our joy as they disappear in the darkness thatís created by the enemy. What does become very visible is our misery and our discontent. Itís there that weíll start to question the love of God and whether His promises are really true in our own lives. We start to "live" out in the storms, when God is saying, "Take shelter My child! Find rest in My shadow! Come to Me!" In all the daily chaos, we have people that are dying all around us and many may not even notice their distress except two very opposing forces...our enemy Satan, and our Father God. In the battle, the problems then elevate when we start to search for happiness in the midst of our circumstances instead of searching for Godís joy in our heart! We forget that the enemy can affect everything around us but he cannot touch the place inside of us that is filled with the Spirit of God. If we will meditate on our Lord, we will discover the peace and joy we all long for. If we will not, the evil will overwhelm us and we will see God as having failed us.

If we donít love and trust God in these trials, what do we really have left? Devastation? Destruction? Emptiness? A longing that will never be fulfilled? We canít live like that! Thatís not living at all. Real living is experiencing the rest that God is offering to all of us in Psalm 91! He knows we need it! He sees our troubles! He longs to shelter us so that evil will not touch us even though we are surrounded by it in this world, but we wonít know that rest until we know God intimately! And, for most of us, we wonít know God intimately until we find ourselves in a position that is above and beyond what we think we can control in our lives. Until the day comes when we find ourselves on our knees, hoping beyond hope that there is something more than what we see each day. We must go to that place and believe as Jesus did when he went into the hills to pray, that we will find our Father waiting there. When Jesus came back down from the hills, He entered right back into the storms of life, as we all will. Nothing in life may change as we would like it to, but something will have changed on the inside of us because we are discovering that place where the enemy cannot touch us! Jesus knew that place, thatís why He went there in prayer...we can know that place too! There is an amazing Hope there, and a supernatural protection that surrounds us when we discover the shelter of the Most High.