July - September, 2005

RELIGIOUS 09/26/2005 Ultimately, we must trust God through the big and small things of life, knowing this is only the beginning of our eternal journey.
The Question 09/13/2005 Our soul, it is worth fighting for!
Can you see Him now? 08/27/2005 With God in focus, there can be peace in the darkness.
She's Here! 08/17/2005 Our new granddaughter has arrived! See the pics!
Need a Rest 08/04/2005 This life can wear us out! Our only chance of survival is to find the rest of God.
It's Finished! 07/25/2005 For those of you that have been following our journey into the world of music, the CD we have been working on called, "How do I begin to tell you..." is finished!
Common Sense 07/05/2005 The old way or God's way? Common sense or God's sense? Which way will we choose in life?