July - Sept., 2004

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 09/25/2004 What appears “bad” to us may be only a tool that God is using to bring us into a closer relationship with Him.
What About God? 09/15/2004 For those that have doubts, fears and questions—know that it’s a good thing! It only makes our faith stronger after we have come through the storms!
It’s All About God! 09/04/2004 It's all about God--Teens are a rebellious sort--have we as adults really changed all that much?
Living in the Light 08/24/2002 With God’s call of obedience in our lives, what choice will we make?
Make It Your Own 08/17/2004 There are many good books to read, but none of them can compare to the Good Book!
Needle in a Haystack 08/09/2004 A weekend we will never forget, a ring that will never be found, and a love that will continue on through the years.
Buried Alive 08/03/2004 Jesus lives in us, but He gets buried alive under our heavy coat of dead flesh that has been crucified with Christ. We will not discard it until it becomes too restrictive to a Spirit-led life.
A Closet with a Window 07/26/2004 God’s light can fill the darkest places in our lives, changing them from a closet of pain into a fresh new start.
Judgment 07/20/2004 When our Day in Court comes, will our "Lawyer" be the Son of God? If not, we may want to change lawyers before we get there!
Not Just Another Day 07/10/2004 Our lives…could it be that they are a single "day" to our Father in Heaven?