July - September, 2003

Control 09/27/2003 Four Part Series, new adventures, new trials and more lessons on healing.
The Ocean 09/21/2003 We can find peace at the ocean, but we should never build our "homes" on shifting sand.
In Every Heart... 08/27/2003 Be still...and KNOW that God is God.
Ready, Set, Go! 08/17/2003 Taking a step of faith takes...FAITH!
Horse Sense 08/06/2003 God has designed us all differently and for good reason!
Pieces Of God 07/24/2003 God is everywhere we look, we simply need to acknowledge that He is there.
Those Eyes 07/20/2003 Looking into the eyes of God, we can know everything will be okay.
For Us Or Against Us? 07/21/2003 Is God for us or against us?