July - September, 2002

'gator Infested Waters 09/28/2002 Are you in the canoe, or are you swimming in 'gator infested waters? Better find out before it's too late!
After The Rains 09/22/2002 Our joy is not found in earthly possessions but in Who possesses our heart!
Let It Rain 09/15/2002 When we open our hearts to God, His healing powers will rain down in the most amazing way!
Something Has To Die... 09/10/2002 Arriving in God's Promised Land is living in a relationship with Him where you trust Him, even when it is the last thing you "want" to do!
To Love Completely 08/25/2002 Let's get to know God and love Him completely, even if we don't have complete understanding.
New Beginnings 08/20/2002 During the greatest struggles we'll see new beginnings when our focus is on Him.
Who Would I Be? 08/06/2002 What happens in our lives is not meant to destroy us, but to enhance our relationship with our Savior and the life He is calling us to live.
A Gift From The Past... 07/20/2002 What will we pass on to future generations who have watched our walk with the Savior? Will they benefit from us and from our faith, as we have from them and their faith?
The Lie 07/19/2002 The lies of the Enemy could destroy us if we did not stick with God until His truth is revealed in our lives.
Do You Wonder? 07/14/2002 Will those that knew us best be able to say we not only believed in God, we believed God? Will our lives be a shining example of walking by faith?
This Broken Heart 07/03/2002 When all you have to offer God is a broken heart and a child-like faith, what will He do with them? Are His promises true? I believe they are!
The Pruning Season 07/02/2002 During the Pruning Seasons of our lives, sometimes all we can do is breathe in and breathe out, taking it one day at a time.