January - March, 2003

Waiting 03/24/2003 We spend so much of our lives waiting. It's hard to trust sometimes that God really does know what He is doing.
White Linen 03/09/2003 A great feast is being prepared in our honor! Let's not miss it!
Movin' On 03/04/2003 Moving on can be so difficult, but with God's help it is possible, even in the most gut-wrenching situations.
Take your pick! 02/27/2003 The Cross or the Loss, which will we choose to look at in our lives?
He Knew It! 02/24/2003 What if what you are resisting most is the thing you are needing most?
If Only 02/17/2003 "If Only" are two very dangerous words...if we could change the "if only's" in our lives, we would probably be messing with the Masterpiece that God is creating.
Out Of The Debris 02/10/2003 Only Jesus Christ can raise us up out of the rubble in our lives.
The Wind Of God 02/03/2003 When we sail along on the Wind of God, we can be carried through the most difficult of days.
Dig Deep 01/30/2003 What is buried deep in the "drawers" of our heart? Let's dig deep and clean up the mess that keeps us in bondage.
Take The Garbage Out! 01/22/2003 Sometimes it's itty-bitty things in our lives that can start to stink up the whole thing.
Questions Without Answers 01/11/2003 Where is happiness found in life? I don't believe it's in the answers we do have but in the trust that keeps us moving forward into the unknown.