January - March, 2002

Foolishness 03/30/2002 The Cross is not foolishness to a dying boy, or to his parents.
The Drive 03/27/2002 Sometimes God takes us down roads we would rather not venture down, knowing that there will be healing along the way.
Holy Week 03/25/2002 Sometimes it's time to let go and let God...He does know what we need.
The Offer 03/19/2002 Reservations made in the Book of Life!! Have you called yours in?
It's Going To Be Okay 03/16/2002 It's going to be okay! We have hope in Jesus Christ!
The Woman In The Mirror 03/09/2002 Let's not forget what we have learned when we walk away from our times with God.
The Rock 03/06/2002 When our names are carved in stone, will Jesus be our Rock?
The New "Normal" 03/02/2002 When life is not normal, God will help us make the adjustment to what He's called us to.
Have You Ever? 02/23/2002 God can transform our heaviness into His peace, and help us walk into the rest of our day.
The Heart 02/20/2002 God's love fills those empty places in our hearts that nothing else can fill.
No Bags To Pack 02/16/2002 When the greatest treasures in our lives are in heaven, that's where our focus will be.
Prayer 02/15/2002 Just some thoughts on prayers and how they are prayed and answered.
How-Dee! 02/13/2002 Drinking in God's Word is the only way we can survive the journey.
The Landing 02/04/2002 When we tell of all God's deeds, He is honored and given all the Glory!
The Vacant House 02/01/2002 When we leave our bodies, they will be vacant of our spirit and our soul and we  will live elsewhere.
The "Trip" 01/29/2002 God and time are both needed to heal through a great loss!
Choice 01/26/2002 All of life may be a choice...our choices can determine that path towards healing or not.
A Small White Star 01/23/2002 Hope changes everything...we can rejoice even in our suffering.
Boundaries 01/18/2002 Within the boundaries God sets, there can be great healing.
Helpful Gestures 01/12/2002 Sometimes it's the simple gestures that help the grieving want to keep moving forward in life.
Willing 01/08/2002 Jesus died to give us life. Our lives can be used in a great way for His Kingdom, if we will allow it!
Mourning 01/05/2002 The Battle belongs to the Lord. Letting God guide me out of this darkness, one day at a time.
The New Year 01/01/2002 We will all stand before our Lord and answer to Him.