January - March, 2004

Why Reject Good News 03/31/2004 Does rejecting the Good News of Jesus Christ make sense?
Keep It Simple 03/26/2004 Do we complicate life, pile on the burdens and make things more difficult than they need to be? Will God really carry the load for us?
The Devil Made Me Do It 03/22/2004 Two opposing forces--the Holy Spirit that lives in each believer, and the sinful nature we are born with. Which one controls us?
Message of Life Part II 03/17/2004 If we have a "log" in our own eye, we can't possibly see the "speck" in someone else's. Examining our own lives is crucial to helping another examine theirs.
Billboards 03/12/2004 What will you find after God has said, "Wait on Me. Trust Me?" Will you see His many blessings? His many provisions? His perfect timing in all things? For all of us, it is so difficult to "wait."
Message Of Life 03/04/2004 The condition of the heart is very important! Jesus wants us to live life fully in Him, the Enemy wants to keep our hearts/lives locked up in the lies he tells us. There is a way to find the freedom Jesus is offering!
Dependently Wealthy 02/25/2004 It is not the gold we have on this earth that determines our wealth, but the dependence we have on our Father in heaven. That is where true wealth is found.
Independently Wealthy 02/20/2004 Waiting on God can be so difficult, but if we don't, what blessings will we miss in our lives?
Happy Ending 02/16/2004 We are already living out the story of our lives. Through the troubles, believers are already guaranteed a happy ending.
Running Away 02/05/2004 Are we running away from what hurts or moving on where God calls us to go?
The House... 01/30/2004 God-focused choices, trusting God when things go wrong even when we know we are right.
Just A Sliver 01/22/2004 Healing from what hurts continues through a lifetime. Sometimes it's just a sliver that needs to be removed by the Great Physician.
Are You Living in Answered Prayer? 01/20/2004 Enjoying God's answers to our prayers, being aware of all He has already done for us.
Swept Along In The Currents 01/15/2004 A new life has begun in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Paths In Life 01/05/2004 Staying on God's path, not getting side-tracked with the world that can distract us from Him.
Grace 01/01/2004 We were not created for misery and defeat but to live a life of abundance in Jesus Christ.