January - December, 2000

The Day After... 12/26/2000 Having a great Christmas! Phil is off chemo, and enjoying the days God gives to him.
A Rough Patch... 09/18/2000 Things change again, as the times become more difficult.
All Is Well 09/05/2000 A smooth place in rough waters. Enjoying some healthier days.
A Happy Story! 07/17/2000 The story of the "miracle" Scooter for Phil!
Final stay! 06/24/2000 Last admission into the hospital for intensive chemotherapy.
2nd To Last! 06/01/2000 2nd to last heavy chemo treatment before maintenance.
Home And Doing Well 05/16/2000 Back home and doing well--prayers were heard!
Once Again 05/11/2000 Treatments getting starting, needing prayers!
A Holding Pattern... 03/16/2000 In a waiting period before checking back in for more chemotherapy.
Back Home Again! 02/11/2000 This is an update on Phil after one of his hospital visits.