January - Sept., 2001

We're Outta Here! 08/23/2001 Heading to Boston on vacation while Phil is feeling good!
Healthy 07/04/2001 Doing better than we expected right now! Thank God!
Living 05/30/2001 Thanks to all who are praying. Phil is doing well.
A Quiet Saturday 05/19/2001 How do you sit eating ice cream, talking about movie releases and whether Phil will be here to see them?...God's amazing peace. We only see one piece of the puzzle.
We Are Back! 04/29/2001 A vacation gift from God! (Also included, Phil's baptism pictures on April 14th, and a couple of pictures taken in Hawaii of the family.)
One Day At A Time 04/13/2001 With lots of medical help and prayers, Phil is hanging in there. Baptism plans and a trip to Hawaii coming up!
Keep The Faith! 04/11/2001 Waiting on God, keeping the faith--after healing prayers from the Elders, family and friends.
Anointing 04/08/2001 Phil has been anointed with oil, prayed over and living by faith.
A Call For Prayer 04/06/2001 The Leukemia has returned--asking for healing prayers from all.