Itís All About God!

Worshipping foreign gods has sapped their strength, but they donít even know it.
Israel is like an old man with graying hair, unaware of how weak and old he has
become. His arrogance testifies against him, yet he doesnít return to the Lord
his God or even try to find him.
Hosea 7:9-10 (NLT)

It's good to know that itís all about God!! What a freeing, wonderful way to live life! When we donít look at life through rebellious "teenage eyes," then we can see that itís not about us, and we can be the child our Father has called us to be. We donít have to grow up and take on the responsibility of the "world." Itís His call, His game, His decision, and we can just depend on Him each day we live.

When we can grasp the concept that the more we know, the more we know we donít know, weíre making progress! "This means that you will receive your kingdom back
again when you have learned that heaven rules." (Daniel 4:26 NLT) Daniel was telling King Nebuchadnezzar the meaning of the dream he had had. The king was proud and unwilling to humble himself. He was unwilling to give God the glory for all that had happened, and all he had was going to be taken away from him until he learned a great lesson about Godís goodness. Sort of like, "Youíre grounded son!"

Enter the adult world... us. The freedom of the adult world we longed for is now ours... but where is the freedom we were looking for? What did we do in the transition from teenager to adult? Did we learn anything, or did we just carry our rebellion into our adult years, transferring it from not wanting to listen to our parents to not wanting to listen to our Father in Heaven? Have we really grasped the concept that this world does not revolve around us, or have we simply exchanged the teenage rebellion for an adult rebellion?

Is this any way to live? Is this what God has called us to? A life that makes us moody and angry... like a teenager? I donít think this is what our Father had in mind! I believe we bring this on ourselves because we are a rebellious people!! Unwilling to say, "Yes, Father."

Just like the Terrible Twoís, the Terrible Teens say, "I can do it myself." Now we as Terrible Transgressors continue on with that tradition! We want to do it ourselves!! We donít need any help! Our hearts are rebelling, just like teenagers; only we have it in a much worse way as adults. As adults, a lot of the time will not turn back to our Father God. We will live in our rebellion until our dying day...until itís too late!

A rebellious teen wonít listen...a rebellious adult wonít listen either. We may wonder why teens act the way they do but do we ever stop and ask ourselves why we act the way we do? Why do we choose to live in rebellion rather than freedom? Donít we realize itís "dinner time" and our Father is calling us to the table--there is a feast waiting! He longs to fill our cups to overflowing and pursue us with His love every day of our lives.