“Do you love me?”

“...feed my sheep.” John 21:17b (NLT)


If we dive into a pile of trash looking for a sparkling diamond, we’re not likely to find one. But if we go into a diamond mine, looking for even just the rough beginnings of what can be mined, cut, and polished into a finished diamond, our chance of succeeding is far greater. Why do so many who are looking for truth, not look in the “Diamond Mine”--God’s Book of Truth? Why not go to what “could be” the source of all life, to the Bible, and at least give God a chance? Why not open up our heart to the greatest Hope of all mankind, Jesus Christ, and see if His gift of saving grace applies to our life? Is it so much easier to open up our minds to a book of fiction than to a book of Truth?

Why are we so afraid to perhaps discover that Jesus Christ is exactly who He says He is? That’s certainly not something we should fear, but instead, hope for!! Why would we not hope for a Savior who wants to forgive us for anything we’ve ever done wrong or will do wrong, and who wants to welcome us into His Eternal Kingdom when our life on this earth is through? What’s so horrible about that? What are we running from?

When Jesus was about to leave earth for Heaven, after His resurrection, He asked Peter three times if he loved Him. (John 21) Peter got a little upset at being asked three times, but Jesus was being emphatic about something here. He asked Peter, “Do you love me?” And when he answered that of course he did, Jesus then asked Peter to feed His sheep. Why did Jesus do that? And who are Jesus’ sheep? We are the sheep, and Jesus is the Shepherd. He wanted us to be taken care of by those who love Him. Jesus wants those who know Him and love Him to help others know Him and feel His love. He wants those who love Him, to encourage those who are hungry and thirsty in this world, to feed those who are empty something more than what this world has to offer. He wants us to offer each other hope and joy and peace through all the trials of life.

Do we love Jesus? If we do, we will do this! We will do everything we possibly can to spread the Good News Jesus left us with! Jesus “fed” us when He walked on this earth with His love, His miracles, His life, His death and His resurrection. He now asks us to do the same--to love one another with His love so we can endure the trials that come, and arrive safely Home when our time on earth is finished. True friends will help to feed one another along the way. The more we are in the Word, and the more we are fed the food of Christ from other believers, the more we fall in love with our Lord, are filled with His Hope, and long to follow Him all the way Home to Heaven!

A true friend is one who cares, and tries his/her best to help us in this life. They come alongside of us when we are struggling and give us words of encouragement.

“Do you love me? Feed my sheep.”
Not lies, not fiction, not things that will cause confusion and doubt--but truth, and hope and love and encouragement that comes from the promises of God.
That’s a true friend in our lives. That’s the Friend we have in Jesus!