"He will give you all you need from day to day if
you make the Kingdom of God your primary concern."
Luke 12:31 (NLT)

We squash God, we really do. We minimize who He is and the great power that He has to meet our every need. We live in a world with definite borders and limitations and time allotments and we have a great deal of trouble thinking outside of that box.

We praise God; we lift Him up and worship Him, but do we really grab hold of Who HE is--that He created the world we live in and that He created every single one of us? Do we fully comprehend that we couldnít take the next breath if He didnít give it to us?

The only thing God asks of us is to sit still and be with Him, absorbing the full reality of His love for us and His care for us, and the power that He holds in one hand to take care of our every need each day. It doesnít mean life will be perfect, it means we know Who is in control and we need not fear.

"Their life will be like a watered garden, and all their sorrows will be gone."
Jeremiah 31:12b (NLT)

The Lord has everything we will ever need, and we donít have to go far to find it. It is found in our own hearts. No matter where we are or what we are doing, the satisfaction found in God alone is so complete that nothing else is needed. His presence is more satisfying than anything this world can offer. We can get up each day just excited at the thought that God is waiting for us to meet with Him.

Each moment in the Most Holy Place is way beyond what this world has to offer for comfort. God is not afraid of us enjoying the earth He created; in fact, He wants us to live an abundant life. He knows that nothing we do here, nothing we see here, nothing we experience here can come close to just being with Him--He rises above it all in a way that words cannot express.

When we find that to be true of Him in our own lives, we will be content and fully satisfied in all situations.

What is "true religion?"
"...true religion with contentment is great wealth."
1 Timothy 6:6

When we meet our Savior and He asks us why we did what we did on earth, we want our answer to be, "Thatís the way You and I agreed it should be, as we spent time together." Thatís "religion with contentment" because of the sure foundation it sits on each day. It makes all things complete in Him, and we are the wealthiest people on earth!