April - June, 2006

Mirror Moments 06/24/2006 Coming "face-to-face" with the realities of our life.
It’s Just A Book 06/15/2006 Some say the Bible is just a book. Dive in and find out for yourself!
A Conversation With Jesus 06/04/2006 By holding everything we hear up to the light of Scripture, we'll get to know our Lord better in the process.
One Single Day 05/13/2006 We cannot know what one single day in another person's shoes would be like, but Jesus can!
Do you love me? 04/30/2006 As believers, we are called to "feed" others the Good News of Jesus Christ.
What's the point? 04/17/2006 Focus is essential...the focal point must be Jesus Christ.
Where Do We Belong? 04/08/2006 There's always something new to learn in this life. When we do, we can become more comfortable in that new environment.