April - June, 2004

Contentment 06/19/2004 Whatever we're searching for, whatever we desire, wherever we think our happiness is found, the answers start with a satisfying relationship with God.
Who was he? 06/11/2004 Remembering Ronald Wilson Reagan
From The Outside Looking In... 06/10/2004 If we do find ourselves "locked up" in our emotions, what should our escape route be?
The Cells 06/05/2004 We have been set free in Christ, now the question arises, are we living free?
Jonah and the "Big Fish" Story 05/13/2004 Jonah was swallowed by a big fish...Great story, but could it possibly be true?
Disguises 05/04/2004 If we are not completely focused on Jesus Christ, we will be vulnerable and easily deceived by the Enemy, Satan.
He Leads Us 04/28/2004 What is it the Lord calls us to do in this life?
Distractions 04/24/2004 Discussing the subject about communicating with the dead. Is this what God calls us to do? What do we do when we meet others who have?
Honesty 04/17/2004 Let's get honest with ourselves, with God, and with each other! It's where freedom starts!
What To Do With Our Hearts? 04/12/2004 When we take our hearts into the Most Holy Place, our Father can lift us out of the depths of despair and give us a clearer perspective on life.
Why Wait? 04/05/2004 Why would we wait to make the most important decision of our lives, of our eternity? What keeps us from drinking the Living Water offered to us through Jesus Christ?