April - June, 2003

Look at Me! 06/03/2003 God says, "Look at Me, and I will get you through it."
Tiny Yellow Flower 06/17/2003 Learning acceptance with joy while reading "Hind's Feet on High Places."
It Was By Faith... 06/07/2003 Living by faith, we will see God working in our lives as never before!
What Are We Running On? 06/01/2003 What kind of "fuel" are we running on in life? Are we filled with God each day?
Dear Phil 05/28/2003 Living life without someone we love is difficult, but possible with God.
What Upsets God? 05/24/2003 Could it be when we don't trust Him? I wonder...
Leave It To God 05/18/2003 Forgiveness towards others, towards God and even our Enemy...releasing the anger and getting on with life is what God calls us to.
Remain In His Love 05/12/2003 When we remain in Him, we can find the peace He promised all of us.
God's Provisions 05/04/2003 We may plan, and God may laugh...He alone as the perfect plan for our lives.
Where Do I Go? 04/28/2003 Prayer takes us into the presence of God. There is no place like it on earth.
Can I Get You Anything? 04/19/2003 Jesus offers us a New Life with His death and Resurrection. Will we accept it?
Living Free 04/172003 Are we following God's will for our lives? He has a great plan if we'll only listen.