April - June, 2002

The Curtain 06/25/2002 Have you stepped behind the curtain of heaven? What did you find there? A wizard, or the all knowing and loving arms of God?
A Few Tears... 06/19/2002 Our lives can have a ripple effect that can help many on their journey towards heaven.
"I See The Heavens..." 06/12/2002 With just one glimpse of heaven, we will want nothing more!
You Just Never Know 06/05/2002 To live in the excitement of Jesus Christ, nothing compares!
God's Healing 05/30/2002 Grief is hard work and submission is the only way!
Moving 05/24/2002 Not many of us really care for change in our lives. Not many of us like to move, even if it's a move to heaven, we'd probably rather not.
Birthday in Heaven and Earth 05/19/2002 God will restore our lives and our joy when we give our lives to Him...even when our children celebrate their birthday's in heaven.
Mother's Day 05/11/2002 Some days are more difficult than others. We need to call out for God's help to survive!
Spiderman 05/06/2002 The things that matter here like "Spiderman" movies, just won't matter in heaven.
Just sit down... 05/03/2002 When the attacks come, when we think we can't go on...God can!
Watch closely... God at work! 04/17/2002 The Enemy will lie to us and say, "Where was your God?" He's with us all the time! We need to remember that!
Who are you missing? 04/13/2002 When God sets us free after such a loss, we learn that God can do anything!
Can you Imagine? 04/06/2002 We cannot imagine walking in another's shoes...we cannot imagine what heaven will be like--but we can be silent and watch God work!