January - March, 2007

Getting to know You 03/21/2007 Our times with God are so important! Let's not miss them!
What's Left? 03/11/2007 When we find out what's left, it can open us up to what's next!
Let Someone Else Drive 03/03/2007 God provides an easier way to make our way through this life...will we accept it?
A Full Surrender 02/24/2007 There's great victory in a full surrender!
Soak in the Solution 02/14/2007 There's a place God provided where we can relax. Once there, we won't want to leave.
What Does God Want? 01/28/2007 We all want to be happy, and the great thing is, God wants us to be happy too!
Why Listen? 01/12/2007 When listening to God and others, we'll discover many treasures.
Utterly Helpless 01/01/2007 Alone, we can't win this one. We need Jesus to get us through the door of Heaven!