January - March, 2005

A Typical Day 03/26/2005 Each day holds its own challenges. Coming back to the Truth of God found in our quiet time with Him is essential!
Home Sweet Home 03/14/2005 Temporary can be such a hope-filled word!
Have You Been Arrested? 02/26/2005 God's ways are perfect! When we trust Him in all things, love will be our reward!
What Does Godís Classroom Look Like? 02/14/2005 What "course" are you studying right now in the Classroom of Life? Are you paying attention to the Teacher, or are you daydreaming?
Are We There Yet? 01/29/2005 When will we arrive? Only God knows, and we are to wait on Him for the answer!
Normal Lives 01/20/2005 Will we settle for normal lives, or search for the abundant lives we have been offered in Jesus Christ?
The Puzzle 01/07/2005 Still looking for that missing piece/peace?