It's Finished!


For those of you that have been following our journey into the world of music, the CD we have been working on called, "How do I begin to tell you..." is finished! It is available on our web site at God is amazing!!

When we left Colorado in December of '04, Jim and I headed to Southern California and began putting together all the music that would be used on this CD with my brother, Rick. In March we began recording and by the end of May, the recording part was finished. Then came the last details of putting it together, sending if off for mastering and re-production...and on July 15, 2005 we received the first 1,000 copies of this musical journey through brokenness and beyond!

It has been challenging, exciting, and certainly a period of growth in learning to trust God, wait on God, and move forward as God directs. We enjoyed our time in Chino with my brother, Rick, and his wife, Cindy, along with their family. We also met many new friends and enjoyed time with old friends, all of whom loved us and encouraged us along the way!

Rick is the piano player/singer-songwriter on the CD, and the lyrics are mostly my words that come out of personally experiencing God's healing power after saying Good-bye to Phil almost four years ago now. The songs on this CD take the listener from a place of devastation to a place of acceptance for all that has happened, and finding a joy in the process that comes from knowing who God is in the toughest circumstances of life.

Now that it is finished, Jim and I have traveled back to the Bay Area, having come full circle after almost two years on the road. In looking back we see the beautiful design of God during these two years, and in a sense, we see a definite leg of our journey has been completed. Although some things have been finished, we know it is only the beginning of the next leg, and the next, and the next, until God calls us Home to Heaven. The journey never really ends, it just changes direction along the way. It keeps each day full of "breathless expectation." (O. Chambers)

We will continue to live on six wheels in our fifth-wheeler, as long as God allows, and look forward to where we will go from here and all that it will entail. Perhaps it will be sharing in story and song about our Mighty God, one heart at a time or perhaps many. We are also expecting a new little granddaughter on August 7th, so when the call comes, we will be heading up to Oregon to see God's precious gift to our family! Expect photos to come!!!

We appreciate your prayers along the way and ask your continued prayers as we place the "tools" God has given us (including the booklet "What In God's Name Do I Do Now") into the hands of others who are going through difficult times in their lives. Our desire is to shed the light of God's Hope into the dark valleys we all face from time to time.

We are amazed at all that God has done!
Who knows what might be next!!!?
All things are possible when Jesus Christ is our Lord!

Enjoying serving Him!
Diane and Jim
Rick and Cindy