God is HUGE


“Father, forgive these people, because they don’t know what they are doing.”
Luke 23:34 (NLT)

Do we know what we are doing? About what? You might ask… About our walk with God, would be my answer. What does our walk look like? Are we limping? Are we skipping? Are we sluggish? Are we energized? Are we timid? Are we determined?

Jesus knew, looking down from the Cross, that those below Him were lost, confused, angry, scared, over-whelmed, and also hopeful. Yes, hopeful, because deep in their hearts was a yearning for the God whose image they had been created in. We all want God, don’t we? Some may say they don’t, but that’s only because they’re so scared…scared to hope in something that could be all just a fantasy. If it’s just wishful thinking…we might as well just wish upon a star, and see what happens.

Many are living life a bit skittish because of wanting so much more than that, but not really thinking it’s entirely possible. I mean, if someone could prove to us that God really existed, that He really has an eternal Heaven waiting for us…who would raise their hand and say, “I refuse that!” We’d have to be a fool! God is not afraid of our questioning, of our digging--of our knocking and of our looking and our asking Him about it! Sometimes though, we are afraid of what we might find if we dig too deep…sometimes we’re afraid to even knock…because what if no One is Home?

BUT! If God is true, if He really is God, if all His promises are true…then, that’s a whole different story…one written about in the Bible--one Christians are to have faith in. One we are to believe with every part of our being. Not just to think it’s true. Not just to hope it’s true. But to fully know it’s true, and live each day in that assurance.

The enemy is hard at work to stop such goings-on! He’s seen Heaven, he’s seen God, he knows the power that God holds in the palm of His right Hand, and the devil doesn’t want us to have any part in fully believing this. So, because of the devil’s lies, we come looking for God with a part of our heart, maybe even a large part of our heart, but with just enough held back in reserve that if we end up disappointed, we’ll still have a little bit of ourselves left to depend on--a bit of our pride still intact. We want to believe, but…

Shouldn’t our desire also be for a God who is true to His word though? And if that is so, then if God says, seek me and you will find Me…and we seek Him and we don’t find Him…then He’s not the God He says He is, He’s a liar, and we shouldn’t want anything to do with him anyway…notice the small “h” in “him” used here!

God is true! He is true to His word! These are the facts we need to know as Christians in today’s world! If we “know not what we do,” we’re wasting our energy on only thinking and hoping about God in this life. Once we see God for all that He is--fully alive in our lives, fully able to fulfill every promise in His Word— we’ll wonder how we ever missed knowing Him so deeply in the first place, because God is HUGE!