Not Just Any Day

It’s Easter, Lord, what does that mean
To believers on this day
You came, You died, You rose again
To us, what does that say

As the Son of God, the Prince of Peace
You walked upon this earth
You looked like us, You talked like us
And yet, You were the first

The first to never, ever sin
To love as we should love
The first to change water into wine
The first baptized by a dove

The first to say, you are forgiven
Go now and sin no more
The first to touch an unclean leper
And walk through locked up doors

You did not live by this world’s rules
You came here with Your own
Love the Lord with all your heart
And be sure neighborly love is shown

You kept it simple, no complications
Without love all else fails
That’s why You died to show us all
The way, the Truth, through nails

Through pain and suffering we learn
Not only Yours, but ours
That there is so much waiting now
An eternal life beyond the stars

When the stone was rolled aside
On that first Easter morn
You conquered sin and death
You made the way to be reborn

Hallelujah, Praise You Lord
Now death has lost its sting
We can rejoice in every day
With the angels we can sing

This world is not our home, its just
The place we’re passing through
On our way to better days
In the place prepared by You

No matter what the heartache here
No matter what the sin
You are the Savior of the world
We can cast our cares and win

Your nail-scarred hands we’ll see one day
In Victory You’ll return
And take us home to the Promised Land
Oh how our hearts do yearn…

Easter’s not just any day
To those who do believe
It’s every day, it’s every thing
It’s the greatest gift we have received!

Diane C. Shore
April 8, 2007