Cooper Andrew Shore
is here!!

We have a new grandson, born September 20, 2010!!

Diane and Jim on the Oregon CoastAfter taking our time driving up the coast of Oregon, enjoying the beauty along the way, we finally arrived in Lebanon, OR to await the arrival of our new grandson. We arrived two days after his due date, waiting for a phone call as we traveled that would tell us to HURRY UP! It never came because Cooper decided to take his own sweet time making his entrance into this world! He arrived nine days late, but was well worth the wait!!


Photo of Cooper Andrew Shore Parents: Jimm and Cami Shore
Siblings: Kylie, age 5, and Maren, age 3
Weight: 8 lbs, 2oz.
Length: 20 inches
Time: 8:04 (Officially, but we all heard the doctor say 8:02 at the time)
Hair: Dark brown with blonde undertones (I think it’s going to go light)
Middle name:Came from his Uncle Philip Andrew Shore. Phil would have liked that!


Daddy's first kiss.
Daddy's first kiss.
Photo of Jimm Coop and Cami
Raiders cap was worn for their wedding and all three childrens' births!
Photo of Jimm's Family
Kylie & Maren meeting
their little brother.
Photo of the Coop's Foot
Look what God
has made!

I know I’ve said it before, but this is probably our last grandchild, now that son Chris has two girls and a boy, and son Jimm has two girls and a boy…it seems complete. We’ll see what God might have planned…! :)

Photo of Coop, before and after
Before and After!
Photo of Diane, Maren, Kylie and Cooper
A happy Oma!
Photo of Jimm, Coop and Diane
Photo of Coop's 1st Football Game
Watching their first football game together.

You’ll notice by the pics that Bedstefar (Grandpa) and Aldemor (Great-grandma) are not in these pictures…that’s because they had to leave Oregon before Cooper arrived. I called my manager and asked for more time off so I could stay. Thankfully, she gave it to me.

God has showered our family with many blessings, and we are very grateful!!