The Cells

He is so rich in kindness that he purchased
our freedom through the blood of his Son,
and our sins are forgiven.
Ephesians 1:7

Jesus Christ has set us free but how many of us are still locked up behind invisible bars that carry labels such as Guilt, Bitterness, Fear, Anger, Un-forgiveness, Low Self-Esteem, Envy, Misery, Jealousy...

How many are locked behind bars that simply say, What about me?

The “prison cells” are endless. Satan is a ruthless judge who wants us to spend each day of our lives locked up tight…waiting.

What are we waiting for?

Some of us are still waiting for our sins to be forgiven. We can declare our innocence, even reading Scripture to back up our claims, but we are still locked up behind bars if we don’t accept God’s Truth as our own. God’s desire for our lives is freedom in Christ. He does not want us living out that freedom as “prisoners” of the Enemy, Satan. 

When the bars are invisible to our human eyes, we might not even recognize the accusations we live under. How do they appear? Are we angry, or are we depressed? Are we putting up walls to keep others away? Sometimes our “imprisonment” might even appear as an illness, a physical reaction to our dis-ease.

Where does the problem lie?

It is not with the reality of God’s Word, but with the reality of God’s Word in our own lives. When we put ourselves back under the old law and are not following the Holy Spirit, we end up in chains. If we will not allow the Holy Spirit to change us into new and different people, we will stay locked in cells thus negating God’s greatest Gift in our lives.

When the enemy comes to remind us what we’ve done, and he will, we must rightfully claim our innocence because Jesus Christ already paid our debt in full! If we chose to dwell on our sins, we choose to dwell in them. We must remember that our hearts are innocent in God’s eyes, when our eyes are turned towards Him in repentance and asking for forgiveness.

Being set free is instantaneous when we accept Jesus Christ.

Living in that freedom is a process of growing, learning and believing fully what we have been given.