Hello all!

Diane & Maren Jim, Maren, Cami & Kylie Well, I have been called “Mrs. Job” by a dear friend, so this message comes to you today from “Mr. & Mrs. Job,” as we announce the newest member of our family, Maren Alexis Shore! She arrived on Father’s Day, giving our son, Jimm, the best gift possible! A healthy, little baby daughter, now the little sister of Kylie (age 22 months). Yes, two in diapers, but a thrilling time for Jimm and his wife Cami!

Maren Alexis Shore Maren Alexis Shore Maren Alexis Shore Wow! It is amazing to see these new additions to our family on this journey through life! Our kids are wasting no time, as we also await the arrival of another grandchild in December with Chris and Holly! Believe me, we’re as astounded as anyone, but more thrilled than words can say!

Oma, Bedstefar & Maren Oldemor, Bedstefar & Maren We have made the trip north to Oregon, along with Jim’s mom, now enjoying her 6th great-grandchild. We’re not old enough for all of this, are we? I guess we must be, since it is happening! Maren is beautiful, weighing in at 7 lbs. 10 oz, 20 inches long, born on the 17th at 4:17 a.m. Cami was kept very comfortable during labor and delivery, and Jimm said he thought it went well when Kylie was born, but this time was easier for Cami. (That’s good news for Holly, since our little Jackson had LARGE shoulders when he entered this world a year ago April.)

Bedstefar & Maren Jimm & Maren We are enjoying some time here in Oregon, with the kids/grandkids. Jim and his mom will travel home after a few days, and I will stick around for a while, hopefully helping out, while also staying out of the way!!

Jimm & Kylie We hope this finds all of you enjoying God’s blessings in life, while also knowing that He never leaves us in our heartbreak. We are reminded of that each time we embrace these new loves in our lives, never forgetting, but instead remembering where we have been, and watching where God is taking us.

God is good, all the He gives and takes away, helping us to know Him more, always!

Thanks for traveling this journey with us, as we share these days with all of you!

Jim and Diane Shore
a.k.a. Mr. & Mrs. Job